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Free Domain Age Checker Tool 2020 – What is Domain Age Checker Tool

Saurabh Kumar 

Free Domain Age Checker Tool 2020 – What is Domain Age Checker Tool

What is Domain Age Checker Tool?


Domain Age Checker is an online tool that can discover the correct age of a website or website, from the time whilst it turned into registered and till it’s miles active. Domain age is one of the maximum giant elements in internet site ranking by way of engines like google. Except, it is also good sized for tracking the age of your internet site. You could also discover the age of your competitor’s area the usage of area age checker, in addition to of the domain names you want to buy.

Area age checker makes it so much less complicated to discover the precise time length for the age of a specific domain. The results provided to you by means of domain age checker are dependable and correct.

You may without problems find a free area Age Checker on the net. Maximum of them don’t need any registration, sign on or set up. You could freely use this device to discover the exact age of a website.


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What is the benefits of Domain Age Checker Tool?

To get a higher reputation

An older area name has a robust base of recognition of their commercial enterprise market. So domain age truely makes them rank higher. It’s soo genuine that earning a better popularity takes time and that’s why Google considers that an older area call has a very good popularity.

Easy to get bigger hyperlink Profile

If the elderly area has sufficient great back-links, then they may perform a lot better. The engines like google usually look for the backlinks first and if the hyperlinks of your sites are dominance and authority, they may genuinely rank higher.

Getting better seek Engine ranking

It is so tough for the internet site proprietors ranking better on serps. Most of the vintage domain names have an awesome seo ranking. But the new user continually prefers to spend little cash, effort and time looking to rank higher.

Site visitors

Your web sites gets better seo rating in case your web sites have a fair quantity of traffic. An older area call will really get extra traffic. Getting a honest quantity of site visitors depends on the effort and time of getting a heavy and reliable customer base. In case you are going to shop for a website, you need to be concerned about the way to hold the site visitors for your web site.
So we will say that Google has thrown some light on the importance of domain age.


How to use this Tool?

You could check a unmarried area name or run a bulk area age test.

Right here’s how:

Step #1:

On the text container supplied, enter your domain call(s) with http://.

Step #2:

As soon as you’ve got entered your area call(s), click on “test area Age” to run the request.

It’ll take approximately a 2d for our nicely-built engine to return the result, which usually appear like this:

You may click on “more data” to view different details as this:

If you click on “history of area,” the engine will show you the way lower back history of the area. If the domain turned into registered 15 years ago and become used for 5 years and discarded, and again were given registered and active 3 years in the past, the records will show all of that.

Now this can give you an exceptional concept of the way vintage the area is. You’ll additionally come to recognise if it had one or greater preceding proprietors.

No other system is this sophisticated within the whole of the Interweb.

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