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Free Page Speed Checker Tool 2020 – What is Page Speed Checker Tool

Saurabh Kumar 

Free Page Speed Checker Tool 2020 – What is Page Speed Checker Tool

What is Page Speed Checker Tool ?

Free Page Speed Checker Tool
Free Page Speed Checker Tool

This PageSpeed instrument is intended to let you check any given website page and perceive how well it’s enhanced for speed. To furnish you with noteworthy and valuable bits of knowledge, this instrument is running on the official Google PageSpeed API. Run the page speed test and utilize the proposals and criticism to make your site much quicker.

Page speed is significant on the grounds that a quick stacking site improves the general client experience, diminishes skip rate and improves change rate. Thus Google additionally chose to make page speed some portion of their positioning calculation. In 2010 Google authoritatively reported page speed as a SEO positioning element.

A decent Google PageSpeed score is viewed as a score of 85 or higher. A page speed score somewhere in the range of 85 and 65 gets qualified as Needs work and a score beneath 65 gets the mark Poor restored the Google pages speed bits of knowledge instrument and API. These scores are truly steady as a result of the philosophy utilized by Google to figure these numbers.

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What is the benefits of Page Speed Checker Tool ?

Run your site with PHP 7. This variant of PHP is simply way quicker then any past forms and you’ll see the distinction (SEO Review Tools is additionally running on PHP 7).

Make your site accessible with HTTP2. HTTP will accelerate your site since it can deal with various solicitation among server and program on the double.

Use AMP (quickened versatile pages) to accelerate your portable pages.

Use storing, so you’re ready to confine the quantity of program demands.

Streamline pictures for the web, decrease size and keep the quality.

Google PageSpeed score clarified

The Google PageSpeed score is thoughtful off one of a kind in view of the manner in which Google ascertains this score. Most devices take a gander at the complete burden time of a site page and in light of the changes and number of outer components included this will just give you a period explicit preview. When estimating website speed with basic instruments like WebPagetest and Pingdom you’ll see an alternate burden time pretty much every time you play out a test.

On one hand this is brought about by variances like for instance time explicit traffic load and then again outside elements like client association speed, program type and physical area impact these numbers.

The Google PageSpeed apparatus has expelled practically all powerful factors from the condition and rather focusses on the specialized static parts of your site. With Server reaction time being the exemption here.


How to use Page Speed Checker Tool ?

While a portion of these means require specialized ability, others don’t. Note that they can be followed utilizing practically any substance the executives framework (CMS).

Step #1: Optimize pictures

The PageSpeed Insights Tool proposed that we improve our pictures to stack quicker by diminishing their record size. To tackle this issue, we did two huge things:

Packed all pictures utilizing apparatuses like and TinyPNG. These instruments are free and can lessen picture record size by over 80% now and again, without diminishing the nature of the picture.

Diminished the size of the pictures to insignificant measurements without diminishing picture quality. For instance, in the event that we needed to have an image at 150x150px on our site, that is actually the size the image ought to have been on our server. You ought to never have bigger pictures than what you need them to render at, nor decrease their size utilizing CSS or HTML labels.

Step #2: Minify CSS and JavaScript

The minifying procedure decreases the extents of your records by wiping out superfluous blank areas, characters, and remarks from your CSS and JavaScript documents. Software engineers will frequently leave numerous spaces and remarks while coding. These can even twofold the size of your CSS and JavaScript documents.

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