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About XML Sitemap Generator

Fre XML Sitemap Generator Tool 2020 – What is XML Sitemap Generator Tool

Saurabh Kumar 

Fre XML Sitemap Generator Tool 2020 – What is XML Sitemap Generator Tool

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What is XML Sitemap Generator Tool?

XML Sitemap Generator Tool
XML Sitemap Generator Tool

The loose Sitemap Generator creates sitemaps as described by Google without cost. Input your website’s URL, put up, and our equipment will generate a sitemap inside seconds. Remember to publish the generated sitemap to Google. With our loose Sitemap Generator, you can adjust the changed date, and the way frequently you need it to alternate (alternate priority, Frequency, and the range of pages you want to move slowly).


In technical terms, XML stands for Extensible Markup Language (XML). It’s far a popular gadget-readable document format, consumable through serps and different statistics-munching applications like feed readers.

Within the simplest of phrases, an Sitemap XML is a report that facilitates Google and other important engines like google higher recognize your website even as crawling it.

It essentially lists the URLs (pages) of a website in a dependent manner which lets in you (the webmaster) to encompass extra statistics about every URL.

This ranges from information like:

Whilst the web page was remaining up to date
How often it modifications
The way it pertains to different URLs within the site
Its stage of importance to the general site, etc.


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What is the benefits of XML Sitemap Generator Tool?

The fact that XML maps list pages thus and offer extra information approximately the ones pages assist engines like google to move slowly your website more intelligently.

This basically means that a good Sitemap serves as a roadmap of your website which leads search engines to all your vital pages.

XML is mainly crucial if:

  • Your website online is not nicely-dependent or well-related (inner hyperlinks).
  • Your website is new and does not have a lot outside links.
  • A few pages to your site are created dynamically (as it is on some eCommerce websites).
  • Your website is big and/or has masses of archived content material that may not be well-related. An example is a user-generated content material site, like activity boards, whose pages get archived (and forgotten) after a time period.
  • Your site is simply an average internet site however you care approximately search engines indexing it adequately.
  • XML map can also be useful for seo (search engine optimization).

Why? Due to the fact they allow Google and different search engines to effortlessly locate crucial pages to your internet site, even in case your inner linking is horrific.

That is critical due to the fact Google and other serps indexes and ranks unique webpages, no longer entire websites.

So even if your homepage URL has already been crawled and indexed via the serps, there’s still the want to provide them with a nicely defined sitemap to assist in exposing other pages that could otherwise be hidden from the spiderbots.

Think of your website as a house and every web page of your website online as a room. Google may additionally know the house from ‘outdoor view’ but no longer always each and each room in it.

Now, consider an Sitemap as a blueprint or a map of your home and the rooms in it. Google makes use of this blueprint to easily and speedy find all of the rooms within your house.

And talking about fast finding your pages, if you published a piece of content and it were given copied and published some other place, Sitemaps may be very beneficial in establishing you as the authentic supply of the content.

How? Due to the fact via the assist of an XML map, Google can be capable of discover it first on your web site given that the XML report facilitates it crawl your website online quickly and more regularly. Summary: duplicate content trouble resolved!

All of these advantages make you simply want to create an XML to your site. And that is why we created the Sitemap Generator.


How to use this Tool?

XML Sitemap Generator by means of Small search engine optimization equipment is a effective tool, however like any effective device, a little education and background on how all the bits paintings is going an extended way.

So allow’s run up on the precise steps you may need to comply with to use the the tool inside the maximum green way:

Step #1: on the XML Sitemap Generator segment, enter your internet site URL.

Step #2: Specify the optional custom parameters according to your preferences. The parameters include the range of pages you want to crawl, the trade frequency, the default priority, and the dates.

Step #3: once you’ve certain the parameters you need, click at the “Generate Sitemap” button.

The tool will take some moments to analyze your request, move slowly your site, and generate a sitemap for you primarily based on the info you supplied.

Step #four: as soon as the tool has completed the process, it’s going to gift you with the sitemap info, together with the quantity of pages, listing of broken hyperlinks, XML record content material, and the hyperlink to the sitemap file.

Step #five: subsequent, click on on “keep As XML file” to down load the sitemap file in a .Xml layout.

Step #6: next up, proceed to the basis directory of your website and positioned the sitemap.Xml file into the domain root folder. Inside the occasion which you have multiple sitemaps cooped up in a sitemap.Zip file, unzip it and upload all of the sitemap files to root listing of your website.

Step #7: As an extra step, visit your Google seek Console (formerly Google Webmaster tools) account and add your sitemap URL. Like stated earlier, our unfastened online tool also supports different primary search engines like google and yahoo other than Google. So in case you’re a Bing man or woman, you’ll just ought to go to your Bing Webmaster tools account to feature it.

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